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July 19 - 23

Colorado Wildlife

Single Supplement - $400

Flight Destination: Denver, CO

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baby mountain goat leaping

Get up-close to mountain goats as another summer season is in full swing on 14,000 foot Mt. Evans. Baby goats are the stars of this wildlife photo adventure as their playful activities come to life. We will also have a morning shoot at a bristlecone pine forest as well as have the chance to photograph bighorn sheep, marmots, pika and some magnificent mountain landscapes.

The goats on Mount Evans are very used to people and you can expect to find them in some very interesting situations. Sit down near one and you may find yourself surrounded by a group. Don't be surprised if while you're set up if a goat comes around the corner and walks within a couple of feet of you, making close-up shots of these high mountain mammals a sure thing.

mother and baby mountain goat
Goat nose touch

burrowing owl flight

deer doe and fawn

At times there might be as many as six newborns playing with each other that will keep you quite entertained. Mother / baby interaction is also common making for tender moments.

With being at 14,000 feet, mountain landscape photos are worth the ride to the top by themselves. The road to the top is the highest paved road in North America, an experience in and of itself. No matter what time of year Mount Evans is visited, the surrounding mountaintops will have snow on them offering up some great mountainscape images.

This trip entails drives up a high-altitude winding road so those with health concerns or fear of roads with sheer drop-offs should take note of this prior to registering. Plan for the unexpected in terms of weather as it can snow on top at any time. Being a former long-time Denver resident the area and roads are quite familiar to me.

In addition to Mount Evans, we will make several a visit to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge where there is an abundance of wildlife including both white-tail and mule deer, bison, coyote, the potential for burrowing owls, badger and a variety of waterfowl and raptors.

At this time of year there is a very good chance of finding a doe with fawns along the loop road.

We will also take a ride along a road after leaving Mount Evans where we could find a good sized herd of elk that could include some very young ones prancing and playing. This whole trip is geared towards wildlife and you will surely go home with a lot of shots as well as a good variety from multiple settings.

* Hotel, transportation and some meals included in cost
* Pick-up and drop-off from designated airport
* Hands-on help in the field
* Our aim is to help you capture great images in a relaxed atmosphere and teach material that will help you take better photos the next time you go into the field

elk calves playing in water


palouse artisan barn and wagon wheel fence

palouse field colors

palouse field patterns