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photographing the aurora borealis book cover


PDF Version - $19.95

Photographing the Aurora Borealis. This is my photographic “love letter” to this incredible sight not enough people get to enjoy. In this 139-page labor of love I share many of my favorite photographs of the magic that IS the northern lights. Learn everything you need to know about photographing this phenomenon and some very special techniques. Sections include Understanding the Aurora, Getting You and Your Camera Gear Ready, Shooting the Aurora, and Image Processing. Highlights include:

• History of the Aurora
• What is the Aurora?
• Colors of the Aurora
• Shapes of the Aurora
• What Lens Should I Use
• What's my Best ISO
• The Moon and the Aurora
• Walking Through the Workflow
• Creating a Time Lapse
• Star Trails and the Aurora
• Aurora and the Milky Way

Published by Amherst Media, the leader in photographic print books.

This is a wonderful Book loaded with examples of outstanding photography as well as extremely helpful illustrations.  It is certainly worth including this e-book in your library if you live in an area where you can view the aurora borealis or just in case you get (or make) the opportunity to photograph this astonishing phenomenon. Noella Ballenger (Apogee review)

photographing the aurora borealis ebook

PDF Version - $9.95

30 Examples - The Making and Stories Behind the Photographs. Recently updated from 25 Examples to 30 Examples. It is always intriguing to hear or read what the thought process was of a particular image you like. Thus, here is my take on a group of photos I think photographers can use to learn a new technique, camera setting or mind-set for creating great images.

Every picture does have a story behind it and that story along with the technical considerations to get what was desired can lead to others possibly being able to move forward with their own photographic endeavors. I myself learn more when I see an example of how to do something. As photographers, we are visual in nature and when putting the seeing alongside the how, why, and what circumstance can lead to an aha moment where you can then say “I get it. I want to go and try that for myself.” Highlights include:

• Cloud Stacking
• Star Trails
• Fall Abstracts
• Birds in Flight
• Sunrise / Sunset tips and tricks
• Subject position
• Foreground / Background flow

Order your copy today for $9.95. After doing the final PayPal purchase step, you will be taken to a Thank You page where there is a link to allow you to download your purchase. Please allow time for the book to open where you can then download it onto your device. If you don't get taken to the Thank You page please send an email.

- All shooting info is provided for reader
- Insightful information about choice of location, time of day, why of composition
- Details about the why of ISO, aperture, exposure above and beyond the settings used
- Book will be useful as a reference on location since it is now on my iPad
- Thanks again for this new book and it certainly goes well with the Aurora book you wrote previously. Myron R.

Frequently people will ask what the difference is between an amateur photographer and a professional. The stock answer given is that it is the size of the trash can. But there is more to becoming a good photographer and that is the amount of thinking that goes into the production of the image. In this book Andy takes is behind the scenes to follow along with his tinking process as he produces some incredible images. He lets us understand his choices and reasons for those choices. Instead of just knowing the camera settings, we get a feeling for the situations surrounding the opportunity and learn the how and why of his decisions. Noella Ballenger (Apogee review)

great blue heron taking flight at sunrise with orange water

PDF Version - $14.95

“Bird Photography Unlocked” This book is your one-stop eBook on getting the most out of your bird photography. Whether you've never taken a photo of a bird in flight or you want to learn how to anticipate the moment of action or what to do to bring out the great colors of a bird at sunrise or sunset, this will be the book you want to get.

Over several years in coming out it is definitely worth the wait as this is the equivalent to Photographing the Aurora Borealis in that it's a comprehensive how-to book on bird photography.  This 179-page eBook details ideas and tips on photographing all sorts of birds.

With 14 chapters including topics such as Working with Light, Exposures, and Up in the Air the whole gamut is covered.  Be sure to check out the captions in the Favorite Locations chapter to find a fun fact about the birds we photograph.