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First Light Photography Workshops
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June 29 - July 2

Flower Techniques Workshop

Single Supplement - $250

Flight Destination: Denver, CO

palouse red barn and rolling terrain

Think outsie the box where field instruction emphasizes creative macro, impressionism, multiple-exposure, focus stacking, and high dynamic range photography techniques. This workshop includes several very interesting and different post-capture classroom lectures and stimulating assignments to make you think differently while shooting.

This workshop will be the perfect trip to train your eye to find amazing subtleties in flower photography as well as learning abstract techniques to take flower photography to the next level.

During this workshop seeing and translating what we see into the camera will be stressed. Some of the highlights you will walk away with include:

- Understanding the difference between beautiful and photogenic
- Learning to pre-visualize your image
- The use of selective focus
- Understanding the importance of the background
- Composing flowers and plants as abstracts
- Design elements such as lines, shapes, textures and color
- Controlling depth of field
- Exposure control to make the subject pop
- Using ambient light to its fullest
- Taking advantage of recent watering to have water droplets be a major element
- Special post-processing techniques

All of the techniques from these sessions will translate to any type of flower photography desired in the future, whether it be at a botanic gardens, arrangements at home or in a beautiful field of wildflowers.

palouse red barn and rolling terrain

high key backlit hydrangea

Nestled in the historic Cherry Creek area of Denver, the Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States. The gardens present a wide range of collections that illustrate a wide diversity of plants and define and celebrate its Western identity of its unique high altitude climate and geography.

Filled with elegance and rich tradition, the gardens feature plenty of both outdoor and indoor displays and is a living expression of all its designers knew visitors would enjoy. With an ever-changing palette of colors, awe-inspiring discoveries await at every turn as we explore the gardens.

The program consists of three full-morning sessions at the Denver Botanic Gardens, one evening session at a local rose garden and two evening sessions of programs, working with images on the computers and other instructional programs. The workshop begins with a wonderful dinner and an instructional program highlighting the wonders that will be included in the upcoming sessions.

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palouse field patterns

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