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Mount Rainier Photo Workshop

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mount rainier and wildflowers

Landscapes, wildflowers, waterfalls, magnificent mountain, trees, mood, color, beauty. What more could you ask for on a photo trip? All of this will be on display in front of you on this workshop to one of the most recognizable mountain in the country.

You will see all the highlights of the park including Reflection Lakes, Paradise Valley, Grove of the Patriarchs, Box Canyon and more. But the exciting stuff comes when we take you to places you probably wouldn't visit on your own on a trip to the area. We will base this workshop out of Ashford, which is just outside the park boundary on the west side so there will be a bit of a drive time to get into the park in the morning and out at night.

Paradise Meadows is known for it's spectacular wildflower displays. The blooms generally start in late July and peak in mid-August, thus the timing of this trip.

Avalanche Lilies cover the hillsides and fields of Indian Paintbrush bloom all around as well as lupine, bistort and many other wildflower species.

The trails of Paradise Meadows offer many vantage points. Depending on the fitness of those in the group, we might take the trail to Upper Myrtle Falls. The wildflowers are easy to spot and deer roam the hillsides.

silver falls mount rainier

mount rainier waterfall and cascades


At 14,401 feet, Mount Rainier is one of the tallest peaks in the lower 48 and dominates the landscape of a large part of western Washington state. Because of consistent snowfalls, summers offer great wildflower blooms at Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park.

Emphasis will be placed upon learning creative landscape and macro techniques, with lots of field instruction being the emphasis on this trip.

Midday breaks will allow for some rest as the days are long at this time of year and we will be out early and late most days.

Several short to medium hikes are planned, but depending on the condition of participants, not all of the treks have to be taken. Most will include some elevation gain and loss.

There is plenty of great photography that does not include much hiking and this is always an option, but to get the most from this beautiful area, several hikes to great locations are planned.

If there's enough interest from the group, we will do one very late night shoot to do some Milky Way and star trails shooting.

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mount rainier waterfall

foggy trees

mount rainier and lenticular cloud

wildflower macro