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Alaska Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis Photo Workshop

March 1 - 8, 2025 - Max 4 people

Single Supplement - $300

Flight Destination: Fairbanks, AK

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aurora borealis northern lights alaska

Join the author of Photographing the Aurora Borealis ( as you learn the dynamics and photo techniques of the northern lights in the best settings possible.

'Aurora' was the Roman Goddess of Dawn, 'Boreas' is Greek for 'wind' making the Aurora Borealis the Dawn Wind, a wind that can be seen like none other on earth. No pencil can draw it, no colors can paint it and no words can describe it in all its magnificence. The aurora has fascinated man for centuries and is truly a natural wonder no one should ever miss seeing at least once in their lifetime.

Seeing the northern lights is included in every must see before you die bucket list. Just watching the aurora borealis is a sight to behold as you stand there and become mesmerized by the movement and colors. On this trip, though, participants do more than just watch, as you learn to capture this spectacular action. You'll get hooked on this amazing phenomenon. Just ask the numerous people who have done this trip more than once - several people up to four times and many twice. Once you see the aurora you're hooked.

Come learn from the best. With 2024 being my 17th year of northern lights workshop experience to this unique area, get to the best locations and learn techniques to make your shots stand out from all the rest.

The northern lights have several different cycles, an 11-year, a 24-year and a 100-year. Where we go, 275 miles north of Fairbanks in the middle of the beautiful Brooks Range, is where the strongest band of activity is found in the United States. We are at the peak of the 11-year solar cycle and with it being visible outside of Denver, Colorado in July 2023 shows we are having extremely strong aurora activity.

After much research this trip is scheduled at both the prime time and locations for making sure northern lights shots will be taken. I have been making this journey to photograph the lights since 2005 and there has yet to be a week during the February / March workshops where there was no photos taken of it. Even on weeks when the prediction is for low activity there have been displays as the spot we go has the highest amount of activity in North America.

We'll visit several areas working the aurora borealis after the sun goes down and do some landscape photography during the day. The trip starts off with two nights in Fairbanks visiting areas away from town and the city lights. Some special techniques will make for some great photographs.

alaska aurora borealis photograph, alaska northern lights photo workshop

I want to thank Andy for a great trip. Andy is very organized and this trip is packed with photo opportunities besides the Aurora. We attended the World Ice Art Championships, a local sled dog race and the start of the Iditarod. The scenery on the Dalton Highway is beautiful and Andy did a fantastic job driving us safely. Vic N.

alaska northern lights aurora borealis photo


northern lights photo workshop photograph

alaska aurora borealis photograph, alaska northern lights photo workshop

On Monday morning we'll head north to a unique community within the strongest band of aurora activity in North America. We'll stay in a multi-room cabin for four nights where on several nights all we do is walk outside to photograph the northern lights. During the days we will venture out to do some beautiful winter landscape photography. Please note a single supplement is guaranteed only in Fairbanks as the cabin has just three bedrooms for everyone.

Years of practice have brought about getting all of the settings perfect for the best shots based on the conditions and the camera and lens set-up each person has. And don't be afraid if you look at the calendar and see there's a full moon. Some of my favorite shots include the moon as it illuminates the great foregrounds we have to work with.

What you'll learn on this workshop:

  • All of the settings you'll need to taking the best aurora photographs your camera will allow
  • Exposure settings and histogram reading for photographing snow
  • Time lapse techniques to create a mini-movie of the aurora
  • Star trail stacking and the proper software for putting these together

To learn even more purchase my first print book - Photographing the Aurora Borealis. This is my photographic “love letter” to this incredible sight not enough people get to enjoy. In this book I share many of my favorite photographs of the magic that IS the northern lights. Learn everything you need to know about photographing this phenomenon and some different techniques to bring out the Milky Way, creating northern lights and star trails and more. Sections include Understanding the Aurora, Getting You and Your Camera Gear Ready, Shooting the Aurora, and Image Processing. The book is available through Amazon at or you can purchase an online version from me for $14.95.

* Hotel, ground transportation and all meals included in cost
* Hands-on help in the field and in-room digital instructional programs
* My aim is to help you capture great images in a relaxed atmosphere and teach material that will help you take better photos the next time you go into the field

alaska aurora borealis photograph, alaska northern lights photo workshop

alaska aurora borealis photograph, alaska northern lights photo workshop

alaska aurora borealis photograph, alaska northern lights photo workshop alaska aurora borealis photograph, alaska northern lights photo workshop