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August 25 - 31

Oregon Coast Photo Workshop

Single Supplement - $200

Flight Destination: Portland, OR

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bandon seastack sunset

Take a trip to one of the most exciting and dynamic coastlines in the country as we venture along the rugged Oregon coast photographing a variety of subjects. The primary subject of this trip is the rugged beauty of the sea stacks and other formations at both sunrise and sunset, trying to capture water, waves and the setting sun / morning fog.

Strong morning low tides will allow for tide pool photography of sea stars, anemones, sea urchins and more at several locations. Other subjects include photographing lighthouses and quaint fishing harbors as well as some deep forest settings with streams and waterfalls.

Time will be split between Newport and Bandon Beach with three nights in each location. In Newport a couple of tidepool areas await as well as the Yaquina Lighthouse and the Yaquina Bay Bridge - a wonderful shoot especially when it's foggy.

A visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a must-see spot on the Oregon Coast as its puffin enclosure is the best in the country. Coinciding with feeding time, great behavior and actions shots are pretty much guaranteed. The aquarium also has a great jellyfish exhibit that rivals any in the country.

In addition to these two settings, a sunset spot south of town with numerous sea stacks in the water will be included.

boat buoys

puffin close-up


The area around Bandon Beach has a collection of some of the best sea stacks on the Oregon Coast that will be a highlight of our sunset shoots.

With it being near a new moon during the trip, we will probably stay out quite late one night to capture the Milky Way with the sea stacks for some very dramatic images. Techniques and post processing tips will be discussed during a midday program leading up to this shoot.

An emphasis will be placed on the art of seeing, lens choice, exposure and composition. We'll cover it all from macro to telephoto to wide angle.

Generally, participants can expect to be at a shooting location about an hour before sunrise and we’ll stay there through the first few hours of the day, then we will go to brunch. In the evenings we will be out until at least 30 to 45 minutes beyond sunset as twilight lasts a long time after sunset. Because of the long days, we’ll take time off midday to process pictures, grab a nap or do an in-room program. The schedule can fluctuate based on the tides and the weather.

Some trails to the beaches are moderately steep and footing is uneven, sandy, and/or slick both on trails and beaches (rocks) as well as lots of stairs at some spots. You should be able to negotiate this type of terrain to get the most from this trip.

* Hotel, ground transportation and all meals included in cost
* Pick-up and drop-off from designated airport
* Hands-on help in the field and in-room digital instructional programs
* Hand-outs related to the particular trip as well as other photo tips and information
* Our aim is to help you capture great images in a relaxed atmosphere and teach
material that will help you take better photos the next time you go into the field

boat in the fog