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First Light Photography Workshops
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May 18 - 21

White Sands

Single Supplement - $200

Flight Destination: El Paso, TX

palouse canola field

After numerous years of this trip being a second part of the Birds of Bosque del Apache, it's time to break this out for a landscape trip all unto itself. Get ready to shoot the abstract terrain and rippled white gypsum dunes of White Sands National Monument. We will drive deep into the dunes and walk out into the dunes to capture the other-worldly essence of this fantastic place. We will work on creative compositions of rippled dunes, yuccas and beautiful skies.

White Sands National Monument in southern New Mexico is one of the world’s great natural wonders, home to the largest white gypsum dune field which comprises over 275 square miles of desert.

We will have extended hours allowing for even better shooting than if you were to go on your own, getting in an hour before sunrise so we can be in place for the best light and staying an hour after sunset so we can do some work with flash as well as getting some shots with stars filling the sky. We will have a total of four extended hour sessions - two in the morning and two at night so we are able to capture the beauty of both sunrise and sunset.

Light and shadows constantly change, revealing an amazing variety of form, texture and color. A number of plants have adapted to this strange environment. In partpicular, the soapstone yucca will be a mainstay in a lot of the settings as these add a nice element, especially silhouetted againt a beautiful sky.

We'll focus on developing your eye to look for images that reflect your style and approach.

If you are ready to take your digital photos to the next level, this trip will show you how to add warm light to the yucca with the sun below the horizon to add to the color in the sky.

palouse red barn and rolling terrain

palouse red barn and flowers

The beauty of the landscape and sky will captivate you and your camera as you seek out that perfect blend of foreground and background to create wonderful landscape images.

The subtleties of light and shadow with the sun low on the horizon will cause each one to use their eye in a new way to bring out the textures and details that surround you. Shape and pattern are key elements that will be stressed during these times with an emphasis on developing that creative eye.

During the middle of the day as the sun is high, in-room programs and image review will provide even more emphasis on the creative eye as Andy will present several of his most popular programs - Landscapes Foreground and Background as well as Seeing Photographically.

What you will learn from this workshop

  • Different ways of looking to create compelling compositions
  • Custom camera settings and operations for nature and sunrise / sunset photography
  • Critiques to improve your photographic skills
  • Focus techniques for getting near and far focus (hyperfocal shooting)

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palouse red barn and flowers