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Colorado Wild Horses

July 8 - 11

Single Supplement - $200

Flight Destination: Grand Junction, CO

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wild horse stallion charding down the hill - sand wash basin

What speaks of the Old West more than the horse? Experience a taste of the Old West and watch and photograph wild horses in their natural element. No corrals or enclosures with the ranchers to bring them out, just horses roaming wild and free and doing what comes natural in their setting.

Photograph colorful bands of horses against the dramatic backdrop of open land or rolling sage and mesas under a beautiful Colorado sky. You will be amazed at the behavior and dymanics of these wild horses as the bands mingle with each other at the water holes.

Picture yourself sitting near a water hole and hearing the thundering hoofbeats of horses rolling over the open grounds and seeing them come over the ridge towards the water. Once there, if there are other groups in the area there is sure to be some interaction amongst the groups, especially the stallions as this is the time of year they are gathering mares for breeding.

The foals with their moms are anywhere from just a few days old to about a month old and they add their own playfulness and tender interactions to the mix of images able to be taken. With lots of dust in the air, sunsets can give off a beautiful orange cast to make shots at this time of day extra special.

wild horse stallion rearing up for a confrontation

wild horse stallions rearing up for a fight

At different times of the year they are in different parts of this 160,000 acre range. Their numbers were up to more than 400 so there will be plenty to get good shots of. One thing about this trip is the horses are in several known areas where the water holes are easily accessible at this time of year.

Ever heard of a wild animal that can be searched by name and there be lots of hits? Two of the stallions at Sand Wash - Picasso and Corona - have a following on Facebook and YouTube and when either of them enter the area at the main water hole, the other groups take notice. People come from all over the country, and even around the world, just for the chance of seeing them. On this trip you'll be able to get photos of these two prominent horses as well as many others.

The workshop will concentrate on teaching wildlife behavior anticipation, techniques for bringing out the best colors at sunset, proper ISO and shutter speeds for very fast action and more.

Join us in photographing these symbols Wild West. The spirited stallions and their harems of mares and youngsters at Sand Wash Basin are one of Colorado’s most hidden and special treasures and offer a unique photo opportunity. One you will not soon forget.

* Hotel, ground transportation and all meals included in cost
* Pick-up and drop-off from designated airport
* Hands-on help in the field and in-room digital instructional programs
* Hand-outs related to the particular trip as well as other photo tips and information
* Our aim is to help you capture great images in a relaxed atmosphere and teach material that will help you take better photos the next time you go into the field

painted horse family running

picasso the painted horse at sand wash basin

wild horse silhouette in the dust at sunset - sand wash basin

young foal running - sand wash basin