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January 20 - 26

Yellowstone in Winter

Single Supplement - $500

Flight Destination: Bozeman, MT

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palouse canola field

Yellowstone in winter is a time a solitude, a time of beauty, and a time of wonder. Explore the beauty of the park at time when not a lot of people venture here but the array of subjects is just as much at this time of year as it is at the peak season. There will be wildlife, hot spring and landscapes but all with the addition of a layer of snow on the ground.

We will spend a good bit of time searching out wildlife that will probably include elk, beaver, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope and most definitely bison with the hopes of spotting some wolves, moose, coyote and more.

Part of at least one day will be spent exploring areas of Mammoth Hot Springs with some other-worldly views of the springs and snow.

palouse red barn and rolling terrain

gentoo penguin jumping out of water

palouse red barn and flowers

The cost is high because we will book a snow coach for ourselves for a day of exploring the inner parts of the park.

Each day is unique to itself as the weather changes and movement of the animals creates different settings. You never know what you'll come across around the next bend. We will spend all of our daylight hours exploring the inner sanctum of this wondrous park.

This workshops is designed to enhance your winter skills as well as your visual and technical execution. Special emphasis is placed on creating images with impact and a serene wintery feeling.

This trip offers the best winter landscape and large mammal opportunity combination found in the country. Add to that the most know national park and every encouner you have will be memorable.

The trip is designed for just three or four participants so your are sure to get as much hands-on help in the field and in the room as you hope for. Because of the length of light each day, we will have plenty of time for evening critiques and lessons. You are sure to walk away from this trip with a lot more knowledge than when you arrived and an appreciation of the beauty this national treasure has to offer.

* Hotel, ground transportation and all meals included in cost
* Pick-up and drop-off from designated airport
* Hands-on help in the field and in-room digital instructional programs
* Hand-outs related to the particular trip as well as other photo tips and information
* Our aim is to help you capture great images in a relaxed atmosphere and teach
material that will help you take better photos the next time you go into the field

gentoo penguin jumping out of water